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Guidelines for Membership

The goal of the Dogwood Pacesetters is to promote Agility, Drill Team and other dog sports, and ultimately the bond between human and dog that can grow through the training of various dog sports. Of course all of this is done within the spirit of friendly competition. And while we have a lot of fun with our dogs pursuing that goal, a certain level of commitment is required from our Membership (after all, that equipment doesn’t set up by itself)!

With this in mind, if you think you’d like to consider joining us here’s a list of what we ask of our members.

  1. That you pay a yearly membership fee of $20 for a single, $30 for a family if paid prior to Jan 30th of each year if paid after Jan 30th the fee for a single $25.00, for a family $30.00 .
  2. That you help out at various activities and help to arrange the arenas to help set up equipment, or/and stay to help take down (and if you can stay for both, many doggy blessings upon you)! We do realize, of course, that other commitments sometimes get in the way, but we do need as many “hands on deck” as possible to keep the individual workload reasonable
  3. That you come out in support of our trials, and public demonstrations (this is the really fun bit, where you get to show off your dog!) to help in an organizational capacity, whether you enter your dog or not.
  4. That, as you gain experience training your dog for Agility you be willing to help new people learn to train their dogs, just as our current members are helping you.
  5. That you agree to abide by The Rules of Conduct, By-Laws, and Constitution of the Dogwood Pacesetters, and help others to do so, should they seem uninformed or confused.

If you have any questions, ask to speak to a member of our Executive. They’ll be happy to tell you anything you’d like to know about the Dogwood Pacesetters.

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