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Margaret Warren (founding member) started the Dogwood Pacesetters in 1986 after attending the Expo Dog Exhibition, she had just got an Obedience CD on her G.S.D. Jazz. She was feeling good and relaxed she went to see what else the dogs were doing. A lady from Chilliwack had brought her agility equipment and was doing a demonstration with her dog on it. The seed was sown. She was so excited to see how much fun these dogs and handlers were having!

Margaret and her husband had just bought some property 10 acres and were in the process of building Camrose Kennels, which they operated for 12 years. Margaret came home full of ideas and plans for her husband to make equipment, in spite of the the fact that he was still working at the time.

Margaret and her friend Jackie Martin volunteered for the Pacific Riding for the Disabled at a barn at 72nd & 200th St in Township of Langley. This association allowed them to run classes there which started in September 1986. Margaret was already involved in Flyball and team was soon formed followed by a drill team ~~The DOGWOOD PACESETTERS CANINE SPORTS CLUB was born a not for profit club in the lower mainland.

For years the Flyball and Agility participants remained under one club name, eventually the two sports separated both with an agreement to keep the Dogwood name. The original club Dogwood Pacesetters Canine Sports Club encompassed agility and others canine sports, The Flyball portion was named Dogwood Pacesetters Flyball Club.

Companionship, Competition, and Community

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